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Architect Lissely is a highly accomplished professional with a rich background in real estate development and design on an international scale. Her journey in the realm of architecture began in Mexico, where she laid the foundation for her illustrious career. Having successfully executed numerous projects in diverse locations, she has significantly contributed to the real estate landscape, particularly in the Caribbean, with notable ventures in Belize and Guatemala.

Lissely's expertise extends beyond traditional architectural roles, as she has garnered acclaim as one of the premier interior designers in Mexico. Her innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs have earned her recognition, establishing her as a trailblazer in the field. Her passion for creating captivating and functional spaces has left an indelible mark on the industry.

As an entrepreneur, Lissely has diversified her portfolio, with ventures spanning real estate, furniture, and design. Her visionary approach to business has led to the establishment and success of companies that reflect her commitment to excellence and creativity. Through these enterprises, she has demonstrated a keen understanding of market dynamics and a flair for staying ahead of industry trends.

Lissely is a proud alumna of the University of Nuevo Leon, where she honed her architectural skills and laid the academic foundation for her stellar career. Armed with a degree that represents a culmination of academic rigor and practical experience, she continues to push the boundaries of architectural and design innovation.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Lissely shares her insights and expertise with a broader audience. As a contributing writer for El Financiero Bloomberg, she offers valuable perspectives on business trends, real estate dynamics, and the intersection of design and commerce. Her writings not only showcase her thought leadership but also contribute to the wider discourse on the evolving landscape of architecture and entrepreneurship.

In summary, Architect Lissely stands as a multifaceted professional, seamlessly blending her architectural prowess with entrepreneurial acumen. Her global perspective, coupled with a commitment to excellence, positions her as a leader and influencer in the realms of real estate development, interior design, and business innovation.

Financial expert Norma embarked on her professional journey in the dynamic realm of Finance, honing her expertise in the financial epicenters of Wall Street. She held pivotal roles in three of the most esteemed banks—Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan Chase in New York City, and Morgan Stanley. Norma's career trajectory also includes significant tenures with Family Offices and Private Equity firms, both in Mexico and the USA, further solidifying her comprehensive understanding of global financial landscapes.

A trailblazing entrepreneur, Norma is the visionary founder of ANCA Corp., a conglomerate that spans diverse industries, including energy, real estate, and technology. Her strategic leadership has propelled the success of ANCA Corp., positioning it as a powerhouse across multiple sectors.

Norma's multifaceted expertise extends beyond her illustrious financial career. As a dynamic entrepreneur, she has left an indelible mark on the real estate landscape, leveraging her financial acumen to excel in property development. Norma is not only the founder of ANCA Corp., a conglomerate spanning energy, real estate, and technology, but she is also deeply involved in the strategic development of real estate ventures.

Her keen understanding of finance and real estate convergence has positioned her as a sought-after advisor. Norma actively counsels clients on optimizing their properties, offering strategic insights for maximizing returns and enhancing overall property value. Her consultative approach reflects a holistic understanding of the intersection between financial considerations and real estate dynamics.

Whether navigating the intricacies of property investment, development, or advising on strategic real estate decisions, Norma's involvement ensures a comprehensive and strategic perspective. This dual expertise in finance and real estate allows her to provide clients with nuanced insights, guiding them toward optimal outcomes in their property ventures.

Norma's commitment to excellence in both realms is a testament to her holistic approach to business. Whether shaping the financial landscape on Wall Street or contributing to the architectural and investment aspects of real estate, she continues to redefine success through her visionary leadership and strategic prowess. Norma's impact is not only financial but is also palpable in the transformative decisions she guides clients to make in the dynamic world of real estate.

A prolific writer and thought leader, Norma contributes insightful articles to both Forbes Magazine and El Financiero Bloomberg, offering her perspectives on finance, investment, and economic trends. Her authoritative voice in the financial domain has garnered widespread recognition and respect.

Norma's impact extends beyond the written word; she has been duly acknowledged as one of the 50 most powerful women in the world of energy by Hydrogen Economist in 2022. Her exceptional leadership qualities were further celebrated with the receipt of the Leadership Award in 2023 by MoRe 2.0 (Money and Real Estate) in Las Vegas. This accolade underscores Norma's influence and accomplishments in shaping the future of finance and real estate.

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